Furious Tactics: Cats vs. Dogs vs. Mice
August 12th, 2011 | Russ Fee

Who would emerge as supreme rulers in a world fought over by cats, dogs and mice? If you answered anything other than ‘cats’ you’re simply incorrect. If logic escapes you and you disagree, the developers at BigStack Studios and Broken Kings welcome you to tip the scales in the direction of your favourite furry friend with their latest offering – Furious Tactics.

BigStack Studios and Broken Kings, known for the ultra-addictive puzzler Sigma, ever popular Castle Conflicts and the nerd-management simulator Hottie Hookups, branch out to the world of tactical strategy with their latest game. You command a fearless army of cats, dogs or mice in an effort to destroy the base of your enemy. What sets this game apart from other tactical strategy games such as Starcraft (aside from the cast) is the moveable base; should the action become a little too heavy, you are able to maneuver the most important item in your fleet out of harms way. Mine resources, build your army and cleanse the land until only your chosen race remains (this is probably the only time (in your life?) you’ll get to do this in an appropriate manner). read more

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A Summer of New Apps
August 4th, 2011 | Connor Turner

For many of us, the summer months are quite low-key. With the long evening sun and the temptation to get away from the computer, you would think that it would be a quiet time for the Calgary iPhone Development community. Well, it turns out that the summer months are some of the busiest months, with a slew of exciting new launches. Including the release of four popular iPhone apps in Jet Set Go!, Furious Tactics, Elusive Ninja and Infinity Control.

So to celebrate this bevy of new releases, we’ve finally added a slew of new apps to our ever growing list. Including:

In addition, we have updated the local developers page with four new companies. We’re also going to be releasing a few new reviews over the next two weeks, so please stay tuned for that.

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Creating a Keyboard Show Hide Button
July 21st, 2011 | Gavin Miller

Gavin Miller is a local Calgary iPhone app developer who will be gracing yycapps with a series of tutorials on app development.

Today we’re going to do some reverse engineering and build us one of the niffty features off of Evernote: The Keyboard Show/Hide button.

Along this little journey of ours you’re going to pick up some new skills – I know I did – they are:

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A Review of Broken Kings’ Dirt
June 28th, 2011 | Gavin Miller

Dirt is a wonderful mystery game involving digging, gems, virtual dirt and a little skeletal kitty. And if you haven’t played this gem from Broken Kings yet, you should consider getting your hands dirty ;D

The game has you controlling Dirt underground, digging to figure out how you ended up in the ground. The game follows a very Minecraft-esque bent, allowing you to explore freely within the world and discover the buried mysteries. The games story evolves while you dig deeper into the ground, and you’re left wondering what is going on as you come across strange relics and artifacts. read more


Bulletproof Outlaws Brings The Ninja Back With Elusive Ninja
June 19th, 2011 | Connor Turner

With the Ninja Gaiden and Shinobi franchises, it’s pretty hard to find anyone who grew up in the 80s and early 90s that wasn’t obsessed with ninjas. Hell, if you look back at my ECS yearbook you’ll find a young blonde kid with aspirations of being a world class ninja, you know, rather than just a humble web designer. But luckily for all of us grownups Bulletproof Outlaws‘ first release, Elusive Ninja: The Shadowy Theif, lets us all flash back to retro simplicity of yesteryear with an addictive and amazing little game.

Elusive Ninja: The Shadowy Theif
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Invincible Demon: An Old School Top Down Shooter
June 18th, 2011 | Connor Turner

Invincible Demon Title ScreenInvincible Demon is the first major release from local outfit Infiniee Bee. Taking on the role of a metallic mercenary trying to rectify a horrible deal with the devil, users must battle through 18 levels of top down madness to finish their quest and save their soul. Anyone who is familiar with such overhead classics such as Contra, Gauntlet and Jackal will be instantly reminded of these 8-bit treasures of their childhood. read more

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