Who would emerge as supreme rulers in a world fought over by cats, dogs and mice? If you answered anything other than ‘cats’ you’re simply incorrect. If logic escapes you and you disagree, the developers at BigStack Studios and Broken Kings welcome you to tip the scales in the direction of your favourite furry friend with their latest offering – Furious Tactics.

BigStack Studios and Broken Kings, known for the ultra-addictive puzzler Sigma, ever popular Castle Conflicts and the nerd-management simulator Hottie Hookups, branch out to the world of tactical strategy with their latest game. You command a fearless army of cats, dogs or mice in an effort to destroy the base of your enemy. What sets this game apart from other tactical strategy games such as Starcraft (aside from the cast) is the moveable base; should the action become a little too heavy, you are able to maneuver the most important item in your fleet out of harms way. Mine resources, build your army and cleanse the land until only your chosen race remains (this is probably the only time (in your life?) you’ll get to do this in an appropriate manner).

Variety is the spice of life in Furious Tactics as the game provides 26 levels for your legion of crafty critters to wage unholy battle upon each other. Levels are designed for anywhere from 2-4 players (human or computer controlled). Each level is designed to force players to reevaluate strategy and will keep you on your toes (or paws… or whatever mice have).

The ace up the sleeve for Furious Tactics is the addition of online multiplayer. No longer are we shackled to our families for gaming companionship as BigStack has given us the ability to venture out and challenge our virtual friends in addition to our real ones. With full Game Center support, friends can wage war or track the progress of other players all without leaving the safety of our own homes.

Stylistically the game is very original. It would appear the lack of opposable thumbs has slowed development of our four-legged soldiers to the point that they are only at the Medieval stage of warfare technology. No gunplay for Fido here, the killing is up close and personal with swords and arrows. There’s something about the image of a puppy in full body armour, wielding a spear that makes my heart soar.

If there is something I’d change about Furious Tactics it’s that there is a bit of learning curve and at times it seems confusing as to what the user is supposed to be doing. After a few games, though, you’ll be scratching, biting and clawing your way to worldly domination.

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