For many of us, the summer months are quite low-key. With the long evening sun and the temptation to get away from the computer, you would think that it would be a quiet time for the Calgary iPhone Development community. Well, it turns out that the summer months are some of the busiest months, with a slew of exciting new launches. Including the release of four popular iPhone apps in Jet Set Go!, Furious Tactics, Elusive Ninja and Infinity Control.

So to celebrate this bevy of new releases, we’ve finally added a slew of new apps to our ever growing list. Including:

  • Jet Set Go! from Big Stack Studios
  • Broken Kings’ Furious Tactics and an older game Skwerl
  • Pix From My Phone
  • Bulletproof Outlaws Elusive Ninja
  • Renegade Citizen’s Infinite Control
  • Infinibee’s Invincible Demon
  • Surje Software Solutions’ CryptoQuip
  • Code and Data Inc.’s Mortgage Plan
  • There’s an App for That’s iBra Calculator, Surefire USA, Coaches Basketball Whiteboard
  • and finally Times Table Quizzer

In addition, we have updated the local developers page with four new companies. We’re also going to be releasing a few new reviews over the next two weeks, so please stay tuned for that.