My work day ended and it was time for an IPA.  I walked down to the Newcastle pub (strutting and lurking reddit) to meet up with Matthew Ledray & Carlo Galasso Jr., founders of KinectAll.  At first glance, these two reminded me of myself.  Not in a crazy schizophrenic way, rather in a “we’re young entrepenuers aching to build Calgary’s tech community into the next Silicon Valley”.  Brews for two, a tonic for one and this duo started sharing the KinectAll vision.

KinectAll is an online space empowering business owners, companies, employees, investors, volunteers, and lay people, to connect with others based on needs, wants, qualifications, etc. for any given project.  Their vision is big, and I dare you to chew on this “Business creation and matching is our thing.  No matter where you are in the business life cycle as an entrepreneur, from seed and start-up, to established expanding, or even exit, KinectAll has something for every entrepreneur.  Whether you are looking for business partners or employees, professional services such as accounting and level, or investors, it can be found on KinectAll’s platform.”

I asked them, if I had an app idea and wanted to get working on it, how would this flow into KinectAll?  Almost synchronously they responded with “think of & LinkedIn having a baby, this is KinectAll”.  To crudely interpret this, I would create a personal/corporate profile and associate this with 1+ of my brain child projects.  You then set what level of workers you’re looking for, what kind of help you’re seeking, your budget is, or if you need a budget.  Once you post a “project-to-be” it’s open to the ocean of site users looking to contribute/collaborate to your business concept.  How you choose to structure your business around the connections you’ve made is now up to you.  Basically KinectAll seems to follow a formula something like Ideas + Workers + Money = Your Next Business.

Matthew (with a giddy expression) then announced they were going to be hosting an app competition where they will develop an app, top to bottom for the winner of their contest.  All you need is a great idea, a few preliminary thoughts on how the business will work, and to promote their Facebook page.  For more information about the competition visit the competition landing page here.

As we were finishing our drinks a loud buzzing came on the pub TV’s cautioning us of an extreme hail storm about to tear through Calgary.  We took this as fate, settled up our tab and rushed home to protect our necks.  Despite the abrupt ending to our meeting, Carlo and Matthew are stellar dudes with big dreams for Calgary Tech.  Keep an eye out for KinectAll’s beta which should be hitting the digital streets over the next few months.
KinectAll Website