Dirt is a wonderful mystery game involving digging, gems, virtual dirt and a little skeletal kitty. And if you haven’t played this gem from Broken Kings yet, you should consider getting your hands dirty ;D

The game has you controlling Dirt underground, digging to figure out how you ended up in the ground. The game follows a very Minecraft-esque bent, allowing you to explore freely within the world and discover the buried mysteries. The games story evolves while you dig deeper into the ground, and you’re left wondering what is going on as you come across strange relics and artifacts.

One of the coolness factors of Dirt is that you can control gravity. By rotating your device you can shift the direction of gravity on Dirt causing him to fall every which way. It’s a unique concept which adds a nice twist to the game (pun intended)

What really struck me about this game was how well it evoked an emotional connection with Dirt. While playing the game, I became increasingly interested in the story behind Dirt, and how he ended up underground.

Overall Broken Kings have done a great job with Dirt, and you should pick up the game and try it out for yourself.