Invincible Demon Title ScreenInvincible Demon is the first major release from local outfit Infiniee Bee. Taking on the role of a metallic mercenary trying to rectify a horrible deal with the devil, users must battle through 18 levels of top down madness to finish their quest and save their soul. Anyone who is familiar with such overhead classics such as Contra, Gauntlet and Jackal will be instantly reminded of these 8-bit treasures of their childhood.

The controls take a bit of getting used, but once mastered users are in for a bevy of quick and chaotic action. Users leverage both sides of the screen to coordinate their attacks and also navigated their pixelated mercenary. The action is intense and unending, as wave after wave of demons flies at the user.

For a first release the graphics on Invincible Demon are really sharp, leveraging a metallic palette, which will remind users of the Killer Instinct franchise of yesteryear. The soundtrack is equally haunting, with a morbid yet enjoyable sinister vibe and some spooky voice overs throughout the game.

For a first launch Invincible Demon is a great introduction to a local development outfit with a wealth of potential. So, if you’re looking for a more aggressive alternative with a hint of 80s-action injected in it, give Infintee Bees’ first release a test drive.

Available On The iTunes App Store