Fresh off the heals of their first release Hottie Hookups, Big Stack Studios have launced the insanely addictive ‘Match 3’ puzzler Sigma.

Since it’s launch this month, Sigma has been garnishing a great amount of buzz within the apps community. Including breaking the illustrious Top50 apps in the US iTunes store. (As I write this review Sigma is sitting at the 26th spot, ahead of some illustrious competition)

In regards to gameplay,  Sigma is a dramatic step in a different direction for the ‘Match 3’ genre, where users control and manipulate two rotating columns to create colored blocks combinations. While I could wax poetic about it’s addictive nature and fluid control methods, I thought it would be better If I used this post to describe the game from a true ‘Match 3’ puzzle guru – my wife.

You see, I am not much of a puzzler fan. (Although I found this game incredibly addictive for the two and a half hours I engrossed myself with it). But on the other hand – my wife is the ultimate puzzler guru.

She has a tendency to engross herself in puzzlers for hours, upon hours. Because of which she has become quite the critic of the genre. If you can’t capture my wife’s attention within the first 15 seconds of gameplay, there’s probably something fundamentaly wrong with your game.

So what was my wife’s verdict of Sigma? A resounding ‘thumbs up’.

From the unique gaming concept and intuitive touch controls to the multiplayer (which we haven’t had a chance to fully leverage yet) and interactive elements, Sigma is quite the feat. When asked, what her feelings were about the game, she easily responded that it was the perfect a cross between Bejewled and Tetris. Which in my opinion is quite the recommendation.

So, and I can say this in all honesty, don’t take my word on it. If you’re a fan of the ‘Match 3’ puzzle genre, make sure you take Sigma for a spin.

You won’t be disappointed.