Own This World: Video Review
February 27th, 2010 | Russ Fee

So in addition to our previous review of Own This World, we’ve gone and made a video review of everyone’s favorite geo-locational warmongering app. So if you’re sitting on the fence about Own This World or need a bit of an introduction before you jump in, check this review out.

YYCApps Review: Own This World from Russ Fee on Vimeo.

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Own This World
February 23rd, 2010 | Russ Fee

The World Chico, and Everything in It

Own this WorldAs Tony Montana can attest, the business of world ownership can get a little messy, a little dangerous and all kinds of illegal. Calgary developers Big Nerds in Disguise aim to let us all embrace our inner Scarface in a much more acceptable way with their app Own This World.

The world of geo-dependent online games (or GDOG) has been slowly growing over the past year and is set break through to the mainstream with apps such as Foursquare and Gowalla. Own This World looks to set itself apart from the pack, not by focusing on building social relationships, but by tearing those relationships to the ground, destroying the survivors and salting the earth so nothing can grow.

Own This World is best described as a real-life game of Risk. The developers have taken a map of the world and overlaid a grid, creating territories roughly one square kilometre in size. With the assistance of the GPS on your iPhone, it’s your job to travel to as many territories as you can and claim them as your own. Every 30 seconds you occupy a territory you are awarded a troop. Whoever has the most troops in a territory is considered the owner of that territory. Whoever owns the most territories is crowned Emperor of the entire world. read more

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yycApps is Born
February 17th, 2010 | Connor Turner

Guess what Calgary, we’ve launched!

Yes, yycApps.com is now live. After an amazing three-week turn-around, from concept to web site, we are officially open for business.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the site, yycApps.com is essentially a one-stop shop for information on all the local iPhone Apps developed right here in Calgary. This site has been created to review, promote and foster a stronger iPhone development community. It is a free resource to help leverage our civic pride and let regular Calgarians know what’s going on in the community. This site is a vehicle for the common Calgarian to find out about the latest iPhone Apps and our successes. If you want to learn more about the site’s goals please check out the about yycApps page.

In the upcoming days, we’ll be posting review of two great Calgary based apps – Castle Conflict and Own This World, so make sure you grab the RSS feed. In addition, on our
Developers and Apps pages we will start compiling a list of apps developed by Calgarians and the local outfits behind these great programs.

If you want to showcase your app or get your company listed please send us a friendly little hello on our Contact us page.

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Wired Magazine’s Love For Own This World
February 16th, 2010 | Connor Turner

Here is some great news for one of the best apps to come out of the Calgary Market. Own This World, developed by the great guys from Big Nerds In Disguise are featured on Wired.com’s Geek Dad.

Own This World is a geo-locational game similar to Foursquare and Gowalla, but with one big twist. Own This World lets you attack and conquer your neighbours. As a local product, it has garnished a pretty big following in Calgary and the surrounding areas. But hopefully, with this article, it’ll start really picking up steam south of the border.

If you’re wondering we’ll be reviewing and writing more about this app in the next couple of weeks.

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The Broken Kings GooTube Channel
February 14th, 2010 | Connor Turner

For those in the Calgary development community, you will be somewhat familiar with the success of Castle Conflicts from Broken Kings. For those not familiar with Castle Conflicts, I’d suggest you go and download this exceptional game and come back later this month when we write up a bit of a review.

Anyways, I digress, what this post is about is Broken Kings’ new GooTube (YouTube) Channel.

If you’re a developer looking to breaking into game development or just curious about what it takes to develop iPhone graphics, you need to check out this series of clips. Each clip explaining various aspects of Castle Conflicts Development in 5 quick minutes.

So, If you want a very cool visual introduction into the world iPhone app development, check out 5 Minutes of Development: Castle Conflict Map

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iCheer Rallies Nations For the Olympics
February 10th, 2010 | Connor Turner

It looks like one of Calgary’s own developers is garnishing a slew of local media buzz with the release of his elegantly simple ICheer App.

A couple of weeks ago Terry Stasiuk, of Rocky Mountain Mobile, released this unassuming little appin anticipation of both the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the upcoming World Cup in South Africa. Essentially for $0.99 this little app allows you to wear you’re countries pride on your sleeve…err iPhone. Chose you’re country, select a sound and shake the hell out of you iPhone – TA-DA! You’ve got your own unique cheering device. It’s the perfect little add-on for pushing you from fan to fan-a-maniac…

Or even better, it’s the perfect way to save your ass if you forget to wear you’re England Jersey to the Ship and Anchor.

App Description

Have you ever been to a game and forgot your jersey or heaven forbid your face paint! Not to worry, you always have your phone! Use ‘iCheer!’ to cheer on your countries athletes or team! Now you can show your support for your country wherever you and your phone go. Whether it be one of the events in Vancouver, the World Cup in South Africa or any other World Cup event. Works with iTouch as well

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