Guess what Calgary, we’ve launched!

Yes, is now live. After an amazing three-week turn-around, from concept to web site, we are officially open for business.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the site, is essentially a one-stop shop for information on all the local iPhone Apps developed right here in Calgary. This site has been created to review, promote and foster a stronger iPhone development community. It is a free resource to help leverage our civic pride and let regular Calgarians know what’s going on in the community. This site is a vehicle for the common Calgarian to find out about the latest iPhone Apps and our successes. If you want to learn more about the site’s goals please check out the about yycApps page.

In the upcoming days, we’ll be posting review of two great Calgary based apps – Castle Conflict and Own This World, so make sure you grab the RSS feed. In addition, on our
Developers and Apps pages we will start compiling a list of apps developed by Calgarians and the local outfits behind these great programs.

If you want to showcase your app or get your company listed please send us a friendly little hello on our Contact us page.