It looks like one of Calgary’s own developers is garnishing a slew of local media buzz with the release of his elegantly simple ICheer App.

A couple of weeks ago Terry Stasiuk, of Rocky Mountain Mobile, released this unassuming little appin anticipation of both the Vancouver Winter Olympics and the upcoming World Cup in South Africa. Essentially for $0.99 this little app allows you to wear you’re countries pride on your sleeve…err iPhone. Chose you’re country, select a sound and shake the hell out of you iPhone – TA-DA! You’ve got your own unique cheering device. It’s the perfect little add-on for pushing you from fan to fan-a-maniac…

Or even better, it’s the perfect way to save your ass if you forget to wear you’re England Jersey to the Ship and Anchor.

App Description

Have you ever been to a game and forgot your jersey or heaven forbid your face paint! Not to worry, you always have your phone! Use ‘iCheer!’ to cheer on your countries athletes or team! Now you can show your support for your country wherever you and your phone go. Whether it be one of the events in Vancouver, the World Cup in South Africa or any other World Cup event. Works with iTouch as well