I’ve never attended a global game jam before, but from the activity on Twitter and Facebook this weekend, it appears that Calgary’s rendition was a smashing success. In particular, Twitter was alive with three of Calgary’s local app developers updating and chronicling the chaos of trying to develop a game in less than 72 hours.

Luckily for the lazy of us, who would rather be home watching Dexter seasons on DVD, we get to reap the benefits of their hard work. All three of Bulletproof Outlaws, iCOG Studios and Broken Kings were in attendance and each outfit seams to have created some interesting apps. If you’re interested in their work, have a quick look at the YouTube Clips and Art work below. Make sure you check out each web site for a more detailed update on how the final products will turn out.

Broken Kings – To The Pods

Broken King’s Game Jam entry – To The Pods, seams to be ready for launch… Ha.. Oh, wow. See what I did there? I need to get out more.

Nonetheless, check out their gnarly little intro video, which is a massive throwback to the classics 8-Bit games of the 80s.

BulletProof Outlaws – Yet To Be Determined Game

Check out some of the animation work done by BulletProof Outlaws below. For a more detailed explanation of the weekend, check out this blog post.

iCOG Studios – Endangered Zpecies

And last but not least, iCOG Studios seams to have reversed the roles on the Human Species with their new app game Endangered Zpeices. Check out the screen shot below and have a read over the company’s most recent blog post to find out more on the upcoming release.