I mentioned this in a tweet earlier this week, but if you are at all intrested in iPhone development in Calgary you really should be following Broken King’s Facebook fan page.

Last weekend, Broken King set about the daunting task of churning out a new game within a weekend. Locked up in their apartment office, the busy bodies at Broken Kings spent the weekend coding and designing a new game called Skwerl. Throughout the process, El Presidente Stephen has posted a variety of YouTube clips detailing the trials and tribulations during the process. Check out one of the clip below to see one of the interesting clips of the progress.

Anyways, the game has now been submitted to the iTunes store and is on the verge of being released. Now to celebrate, yycApps.com is helping to celebrate by giving away five free promo codes. And here’s the beauty of it… We’re giving away 5 free promo codes….


All you have to do is send an email to apps@armadillostudios.ca or a DM to our yycApps Twitter account. The first five people to get in on the action will get the codes.