Things have been quite busy for over the past few months, so we thought we’d send you a quick little update on the growth of this site, the development of the Developers page, and the growth of the community in general.

The first big news is that we’re finally starting to catch-up on the massive back log of Apps that we’ve recieved from the Calgary iPhone Development Community. As you can see from our recent posts, we’re slowly working on adding new reviews, but more importantly we’ve add 29 apps to our Calgary Developed Apps page.

The listed apps include everything from major local app successes (Sigma, Tapforms, Own This World) to small independently developed apps (Birthdays, myDomains, XForm) to everything in between (Stylmee, Poker Genius, Beefy Boards, etc.,).

The apps that have currently been added are:

  • Sigma
  • Tapforms
  • Beefy Apps
  • Own This World
  • Plague GPS
  • Stylmee
  • Poker Genius
  • Castle Conlict
  • Kawi
  • Hottie Hookups
  • CrushFactor
  • myDomains
  • Snow Rumble
  • Cardinal
  • Strobox
  • Bobsprings
  • Hallowcarver
  • Shiftmaze
  • Electrophobes
  • Ant Attack
  • ICheer
  • Where Did The Squito Go?
  • Birthdays
  • XForm
  • and last but not least FlapJack Finder

As you can see we’ve compiled quite a list here and we’re looking for more. So if you know of any worth while apps, send us a note.

Next, we’ve added a new form to our Developers page. One of the main goals of this site is to help developers get exposure, but one of the bits of feedback we’re received is for people looking to for local App developers. Whle we’ve tried to steer people in the right the direction, having a list of developers will really help the community grow.

So the next big push for the yycApps is to create the penultimate Local Developers list. But the one thing we will not be doing is scouring the internet for you developers, if you want to be added to the list you’re gonna have to send us your information. Please be creative and eye catching with your submissions. Think of this page as an online dating resource for developers and potential customers.

And last but not least the local iPhone App development community is slowly growing in our fair city. And while we’ve done our best to try and promote Dev Camps and the iPhone Developers School, we unfortunately let two really new ‘meetups’ slip through our fingers.

But we’re promising to make sure we stay on top of these new groups. So here’s a bit of an introduction and some links on how to get involved.

First and foremost the local chapter of the Independent Game Developers Association has started a meetup. Their first meetup was last month, but the group is meeting to get all game developers over a variety of platforms together to help spread resources. It’s run by Laurie Gloge and if you want to help out make sure you sign up for their meetup and submit some ideas to them.

Second, Leevon Bennett of BigStackStudios fame is organizing a monthly iPhone Developers Beer Night. The intial event occured last Wednesday, but they are promising to have a meet-up once a month. If you’re a developer in the city, we highly recommend that you partake and share some of your ideas and expertise.

There is no official site or meetup link set-up yet, but if you want more information check out the LinkedIn Working Group. (If this link doesn’t work, log on to LinkedIn and search for “iPhone and Mac Calgary”… If you’re not on linkedIn yet, well we can’t help you on that one.)

So that’s a bit of an update on the site and the community in general. We are also looking for a couple more reviewers for the site, so if you want to get involved make sure you send us an email.