Over the past few years, the iOS Development community within Calgary has been quietly growing and with it the knowledge sharing within our community has been evolving. Whether it’s through the numerous Development Camps, Mobile Mondays, The iPhone App meet-up group, the yycApps iPhone Linkedin community or Robots and Pencils’ iOS Weekends, the community in Calgary has been doing a fantastic job of sharing knowledge to help foster the industry growth.

Well, Calgary can now add the first continuing education course from SAIT to the list of resources for burgeoning iPhone App Developers. Kris Hopkins, a multimedia instructor and multimedia developer at the school, reached out to us this week to tell us about this great news.

There are two instances of the course, with one starting next Wednesday (May 7th) and the next in the fall (September 28th). In total students will get 48 solid hours of hands on iOS app development instruction.

If you’re interested in the course, feel free to check out SAIT’s Continuing Education page and look for course CPRG-190 iOS Application Development under the Mobile Applications and Web Page Development section.