Remixes - By Decoder & UppercutLast year, just before the holiday season kicked into gear, Calgary app developers Decoder and design collective Uppercut quietly launched the Soundcloud powered app Remixes. For those of you who enjoy the creativity of the mash-up/cover/remix culture that has overtaken the music industry since the beginning of the decade, Remixes is a must have app on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

This stunningly beautiful app works by sorting through your existing collection of tracks on your iTunes library. From there it scours Soundclound’s vast catalog of unique music; matching remixes, covers, live versions of the tracks contained in your library. Once these tracks are added to Remixes, users can pop in to their favorite artist or track, select the track they want to hear a variant on and get a full list of available tracks. Then users can favorite any newly discovered track for listening to later or share with their social networks. Remixes also will search through your library to connect you with a list of recommended Radio stations for even further music exploration.

In addition to all this musical exploration fun, the collaboration between Decoder and Uppercut has produced quite the fluid and sharp looking app. It runs smoothly from the get go and the user interface is beautifully intuitive. The design of the app is just gorgeous with a perfectly retro-pastel colour palette and sharp design aesthetic.

Beautifully designed with a fantastic concept, Remixes takes your dreary iTunes library and opens it up to some of the best remixes and mash-ups out there. If this app is any indication of the talent behind Decoder and Uppercut, we can’t wait to see their next collaboration.

Remixes By Decoder - Available Now