Preview of what Eats Canada looks like in iOS devices.The Holidays are upon us and everyones caught the Christmas bug.  Scrambling about for presents and fresh eats are high on the list for most Calgarians. Eat Canada app has launched just in time for the season!  Local developer Jeremy Gale and CBC’s opinionated eating machine John Gilchrist have teamed up to release an app of their own.

When I first opened the app I was delighted to find reviews of restaurants in 11 of Canada’s biggest cities.  The app is smartly geared for the business traveler seeking a simple way to find eateries for their business luncheons or taking a client to dinner.  All the restaurants are also located in the downtown core of each city!  Reviews are written by a pro food critics, giving me trust in their experienced taste buds behind the words they write.  Driving me even more value, this app allows me to contact each restaurant, find the best route, and even make a reservation!

While catching up with Jeremy I poked about for more information on the story behind this app:

“The story of Eat Canada is that I am a big fan of John Gilchrist’s books on the best restaurants in Calgary. Last year I decided to built an app version of them as a prototype. I cold called John Gilchrist and then showed him my prototype. He loved it and so we partnered up to release the apps. I did all the work and he did all the promotion/marketing.

John was really happy with how the project went so asked if I wanted to do a new project that’s Canada-wide, and only available in app format, no paper book version. He lined up all of his writer friends in Canada’s 11 biggest cities to get them to write about 20 reviews each, aimed at the business traveller. I did all the technical work on the app, including building the backend and the iOS app. John and his wife Catherine did all the content editing. My friend Eric Chernuka also helped with the artwork in the app and the website. Pierre Lamielle designed the logo.  (All of us are located in Calgary)” – Jeremy Gale, Builder of Eat Canada App

All-n-all Eat Canada is a great app for us busy Canadian trotting business people looking for a place to grab lunch or dinner.  Eat Canada is yet another great gift idea and is available for $9.99 on the iPhone and iPad.