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Unless you live under a yyc rock you’ve heard the news that Beaucoo has launched! Beaucoo is the brain child of the Decoder team which includes the dynamic duo of Christian and Victoria Maclean.

The Beaucoo tagline is “Pics on someone your own size!” which ties in with it’s main aim: Beaucoo is an app to share fashion between women of the same size.

I was able to get my hands on an invite and a sneak peak at what the inside of the women’s fashion world looks like. However I realized that as a man, I was in way over my head! So for this post I’ve recruited our female designer Avery Kinsella to help out.

Gavin: What can you do in the app?

Avery: It’s like Instagram meets fashion. I’m able to take photos and post them, and see other people’s photos. I can also friend people that are similar in size to me and see what they’re posting really easy. There’s also a useful filter so if I want to just see skirts I can filter for that — which is super helpful.

Gavin: What do you think of Beaucoo?

Avery: The concept for the application is great. I feel that there are a lot of women out there that struggle with not knowing how clothes will fit on them because a model’s body type is no where close to average. If the user base gets large enough I feel Beaucoo could replace looking at clothes from a store’s websites or look books. It is amazing to look at how something will fit on other people that are my size!

BeauCoo App

Gavin: How about the design of the app, what jumped out at you?

Avery: I enjoyed the design and thought it matched the product nicely. The design was carried throughout the whole application, and made it look unified and well thought out. The app was easy to use and navigate.

Speaking with Victoria about the app she told me that they’ve just submitted their next update to the app store, which is going to bring with it some tighter integration with the iPhone camera, and a few brand related features. The team is also looking at hitting up new platforms which they expect to release in the New Year.

Overall, Avery and I were really impressed with Beaucoo. There is a ton of polish and thought that has been put into the app.

And more than that, Beaucoo solves a real need for women: Finding clothing that fits. For this reason we feel like Beaucoo is going to make a huge splash in the tech scene of 2013. They’ve got the right team, a great product, and a cute fuzzy bunny mascot (I can’t wait for the plush toy spin off!)

Overall we’re super proud to see Beaucoo rolling out of Calgary and can’t wait to point back to this post and say “see we told you Beaucoo was going to go big!”