iHunter Alberta brings life to Alberta’s wildlife management units (WMU’s) & hunting regulations.  Harnessing the full power of iOS maps, Alberta’s WMU’s are simply displayed as coloured areas and served through an app.  WMU’s are clickable to see what regulations apply within each area.  Questions like “When does cow elk season open?”, “where am I allowed to hunt?”, even “what’s the daily limit for ruffed grouse?” can be answered at the tap (or two) of a finger.

Preview of what iHunter looks like in iOS devices.I was especially delighted to meet the dynamic duo behind iHunter Alberta at Mobile Monday. They’re down to earth, like to talk business, and both seem to crush design/code (in a great way!). Mark Stenroos (of Kin Development) and Gareth Burke (from Bacon & Eggs) wanted to test out their working vibe with iHunter.  Here’s a deeper look at Mark & Gareth:

Mark Stenroos:

As a technical lead, functional manager, or member of a talented team, Mark helped create and maintain products such as SMART Bridgit, SMART Ink, and SMART Notebook for iPad… Sounds mighty capable to me!

Gareth Burke:

A design lead, and freelance designer, Gareth designed and developed web projects both large and small for clients around the province, including the Alberta Association of Colleges & Technical Institutes… Creative, engaged, and very trendy designs.

iHunter Alberta is a must have app for the hunting enthusiasts of Alberta.  With Christmas just around the corner, why not pass on $5.99 to a local startup for your white tail chasing uncle?  This app is certainly going to change how hunters plan trips, identify what’s in season, and explore Alberta’s diverse wilderness.