How much money have you spent at chiropractors, massage therapists, and physiotherapists to gain their expertise? How would it sound if you could buy 100 instructuctional videos for $2.99?

Seriously! That’s what the Foam Roller Technique app is – a collection of high quality videos demonstrating how to ease sore muscles with a foam roller.

Foam RollerThe app is by Solid Jade Inc. and features Dr. Ryan Emmons demonstrating how to use the foam roller across 27 different muscle groups. Each muscle has multiple videos providing a progression from basic to advanced technique so you can adjust for your level.

In reviewing the app I learned that I wasn’t rolling myself out prorperly! The videos are really high quality and each muscle group has a nice explanation informing you what to roll and how to do the rolling.

You pay a ridiculous amount of money to have an expert do what Solid Jade has condensed into a $2.99! The bonus piece – it’s on your iOS device so you don’t have to admit to your doctor that you forgot what to do 20 minutes after leaving your appointment!

Dr. Ryan Emmons and Solid Jade Inc. have done an awesome job of making an app with a ton of utility. And did I mention how high quality the videos are!? Definitely have a look at this great app.