Kids Animal Piano was recently released by Radu Muresan. It’s a port of one of his popular Android apps to iPhone and iPad. So how did the transition go? Really well.

Kids Animal Piano is a mash up of animal sounds as musical notes, playable via piano keys. The concept is simple, which is exactly what a child wants in an iPhone/iPad app.

One of the key features of Kids Animal Piano is that once a child is in the app a stray finger isn’t going to exit back to the main menu or heaven forbid open up an ad. If you’ve ever seen a child use an iOS app, you know exactly why this is awesome.


In total Kids Animal Piano contains 15 different instruments with 10 different preset songs like Bingo, ABCs, and This Old Man. 6 of the instruments and 4 of the sounds are available in the free version of the app, and the remaining content is purchasable for $1.99.

The only area where Kids Animal Piano falls short is that it doesn’t take advantage of iOS’s multi touch capabiltiies. So a child holding their finger on one part of the screen and touching with the other may become easily frustrated. Overall a very minor detail in the overall picture of the app, and something that Radu has on his todo list.

So if you have a child, niece, or nephew that can’t get their hands off your iPhone/iPad, pick up Kids Animal Piano and support a local yyc dev!

PS – One of the really cool things about Radu is the success he’s had developing applications. We’ll be writing up a developer profile shortly, so subscribe to our RSS feed to get updated when it rolls out.

PPS – If you know someone that would be a great fit for a developer profile send us an email or tweet.

PPPS – Radu, add a train instrument to the app – my nephew would KILL for that!