Rdio has become an everyday companion of mine, keeping me in nearly all the musical loops I hoped for.  Though all the music I could ever want is a finger touch away, Calgary’s mobile development team Mediumrare took things one step further with Setlist.  This app cross-references the artists in your collection with Songkick’s concert listings to compile a listing of shows coming to an area near me (you too)!

A quick look into Setlist

For starters, Setlist is extremely simple to setup.  After adding my Rdio username, bands visiting Calgary started popping up left right and centre.  Though I haven’t used it to purchase tickets, it’s been handy having a list of everyone in my collection that’s playing in Calgary.  Another nifty feature is the map!  Though I know my way around cowtown, I don’t have the best memory for venues or Cities that I visit.  To make a long review short, I’ve come to see Setlist as a targeted FFWD show listing.

Setlist is now free on iTunes and is a great way to stay in the loop with whats going on around you!  Keep up the solid work Mediumrare.