Today we’re really excited to announce a new partnership and a major reboot to

But before we reveal the big news, here’s a bit of the backstory. As you may know, started in early 2010 as a way to help cover and promote the growing Calgary iPhone Development community. At the time there were some great events going on and lots of great success stories, but there was no vehicle to get this news out to Calgarians. So as answer to this dilemma, was born.

Since it’s humble beginnings in 2010, the site has grown into a great resource for Calgary developers and the community as a whole. The site has showcased some amazing success stories and provided a venue for smaller developers to garner attention. The site has also been a vehicle to bring the development community to the media, with features in Metro Calgary, Global and CBC Calgary. We’ve also used our stance to create a small but vibrant LinkedIn community. Overall, the site has been a tremendously successful vehicle for getting the Calgary iPhone development community noticed.

But since the end of last year, the growth of the site has stagnated at bit. We apologize for that, we’ve struggled to keep up with the growing list of developers and the numerous app releases. We’ve also had a difficult time keeping the content on the site fresh and relevant. So rather then let the site trail off into the sunset, we’re announcing a new and exciting partnership and a reboot of the site.

So with that I’d like to officially welcome the team at RANDOMTYPE to the family.

Armadillo Studios + RANDOMTYPE

RANDOMTYPE is one of Calgary’s best kept secrets. It’s a young upstart company that has released some very impressive apps. Frequent readers to the site will be familiar with Gavin Miller, who has been helping write some of the excellent “How To” tutorials on the site. In addition, Kevin Dubienski and Erick Cardoza, have been working to cover the large back log of locally developed apps.

This new partnership, will allow Armadillo Studios and RANDOMTYPE to better share the workload of maintaining yycApps and also allow us to explore new opportunities with the site. We’re looking at making the site more interactive and committing to posting new content each week. We are also looking at undertaking a state of the Calgary iPhone Development community project for the summer, which we will start talking about in the near future.

But until then, we are looking forward to this new reboot and really taking to the next level.