I started my morning with a nice cup of coffee, pushed some emails back and forth, then commenced a battle-royal with my fleet of ninja’s against hordes of cute little dinosaurs.  Ninja Dino Showdown is a lane defence game for iOS devices where the player controls three ninjas across a tiled battlefield.  The further I progressed, the more cuddly dino beasts were unleashed upon me, leaving my team of three to kick some serious ass.

Ninja Dino Showdown

Ninja Dino Showdown was developed by Calgary’s Wilson Leong at Binary Rebellion and Graham Baradoy (amongst others) over the past two years.  There’s been lots of momentum for launching this app on March 6, 2012 and this lean startup is getting a taste of success (and rightly so)!  Their hard work is evident as the gameplay is turbo addictive, the design works for all ages, and the amount of content (ninjas, abilities, difficulties, etc.) is quite impressive.

It’s a delight to see Wilson & Graham are listening to our suggestions for future updates directly through the app.  Since launching, the Binary Rebellion team has made a number of updates to substantially improve this game.  Ninja Dino Showdown is now optimized for Retina displays, the stage backgrounds have also been spruced up, and the difficulty of charger dinos (your soon to be worst enemy) have been adjusted to make gameplay a tad more possible.  Binary Rebellion has shown its users they are committed to making this game as awesome as can be.

If you’re looking for a new game to help you vent some steam, you won’t regret buying a copy of Ninja Dino Showdown.