My wife and I are not parents, but we do fall into the demographic where a good majority of our close friends are quickly starting their own family. When we ask them what their biggest frustration is – within our circle of friends at least – the overwhelming response is the inability to anticipate their child’s needs. Luckily for today’s new parent we have the portability and simplicity of modern technology to help out. Because of which Calgary based ToMarket Inc has released the new Baby Speak: For Toddlers for the iPhone and iPad.Baby Speak: For Todlers

Baby Speak is designed as a enhanced communication tool between parents and their toddlers. The initial version of the app comes loaded with four essential words for communication with toddlers, while an in-app purchase unlocks a full spectrum of 28 essential words. When launched users are greeted with an beautiful loading screen which leads in to a simple menu screen allowing the user to display a combination of one, two, four, or all words at once. Each of the words when displayed is tied to a colourful illustration and when touched by the child, a calm voice reiterates the selection. The fundamental concept of Baby Speak is to provide a visual connection between common communication words and to help speed up the learning curve for toddlers. The real benefit for parents with Baby Speak is that it does away with carrying around a set of cumbersome image cards or other tools, and instead allows tech savvy parents to have a functional tool within their iPhone or iPad.

Baby Speak: For Toddlers - Yes/No The app itself is simplistic and elegantly designed. It looks great on both the small screen of an iPhone or iPod Touch and also on the larger real estate of the iPad. The touch interface is easy to use and navigation is intuitive. The voice work is clear, concise, and extremely easy to understand. The mechanics of the app are superb, as there is no slow down and lag, even with multiple consecutive touches. Overal Baby Speak: For Toddlers is a concise and tightly developed app.

So if you’re a new parent or you have friends who are just stepping into the world of Toddlers, arm yourself with Baby Speak: For Toddlers – you won’t regret it.

Available in the iTunes Store