The Anthm AppFinding that perfect playlist to please the masses is a tough feat! We the user can utilize services like Myspace, SoundCloud, Grooveshark (and lots more) to keep us in-tune with an artists latest tracks, yet these communities don’t allow for collaboration. Anthm app is the first solution for passionate music lovers bickering over what music should be blasting.

Anthm was developed by Paul Thorsteinson from Calgary, AB and designed by Ben Myers (, Paul Beaudry, and Tyler Johnston from Winnipeg, MB. The app is a 21st Century jukebox allowing users to create a party (aka playlist), invite friends to join this party and start sharing the task of creating a playlist. Once one or more people have been added to the playlist, everyone gets an up/down vote for each track. The songs with the most up-votes play first, and those with the most down votes play last. The concept is simple but the end result is an interactive musical experience for everyone linked into your party.

The Anthm App - Launch ScreenBefore you can start using this app you’ll need to sign up to Rdio, which I dare say is like a YouTube of music. There’s a free trial if you don’t have an account, and monthly usage fees start at $4.99. Though $4.99 may sound a little steep, you get access to over 12 million tracks across much of North America, Europe, and a few other locations. You can also access music online and offline across desktops and smartphones.

From a design perspective Anthm is elegant and the user experience is stupid simple. Once you’ve watched the how-to video you should have the navigation and use of Anthm down pat. Jumping between the three tabs of this app is fluid and fast showing off the skill of Paul Thorsteinson’s code.

I chatted with Ben Myers from this project, asking about the future road map for Anthm. He responded with “We’re in the process of incorporating Spotify as one of the services as well as our own service that will allow venues to subscribe to a Monthly streaming service for their business.” Personally, I can’t wait to see what this app turns into and super kudos to the creators!

We here at yycApps are excited to use the future apps created by this team and encourage you to give it a try.