We here at yycapps.com hope that everyone had a fantastic New Years and even better Holiday Season. The Calgary app community was rather quiet in December, but it’s looking like January 2012 is shaping up to be a whole different story. The rumor mill is a buzz with some very exciting launches in the next few weeks, and first up on the must see list is Robots & Pencils new app Catch The Princess.

Catch the Princess is an addictive and gorgeous new puzzler, where users are tasked with protecting a Princess through 60 levels of intense game play. The game is already garnishing some great buzz from the gurus at TouchArcade. And if that high profile review alone doesn’t wet your appetite, check out the 60 second intro video below to see why this is one of the most buzzed about apps to come out of Calgary in quite some time.

The game looks absolutely stunning on the HD screen of the iPad. From the opening seconds of the launch, you know you are in for an incredible treat. The stunning animation and picturesque feel of each level invokes a dark and sombre aura akin to something out of The Portrait of Dorain Grey. Catch The Princess is one of the few games to really understand the importance of ambiance, mood and mystery – and it absolutely nails it. The game play and game mechanics are incredibly well done. It’s clear that a great deal of time and effort, was spent testing these elements out and it pays off in the addictive nature of the game. The sound track and effects are equally as moody and tie in nicely to the entire user experience.

Catch The Princess is out now and available on the iPhone and iPad. To celebrate the launch we’ve got a Promo Code for one lucky reader for the iPhone version of the app. (All you have to do is send us a quick tweet with “I wanna Play Catch The Princess” and we’ll DM you the code)