Popping balloons has to be one of life’s greatest stress relievers.

It easily ranks up there with popping a giant sheet of packing bubbles as one of the world’s greatest ways to release the pent up frustration of daily life. But now with Yellow Fox Studios’s first iPhone Game release Bursty, users get take this joy with them on their daily commute.

In this simple, yet elegant game, users are tasked with the job of bursting through an army of floating multi-coloured balloons. User start of the game by selecting from a variety of difficulties, either easy, medium of hard. Each difficulty level provides it’s own unique challenges; whether it’s the number of balloons on the screen at one time, the speed at which balloons race through the screen, the order in which ballons must be popped or even worse – the dreaded Balloons of Death – which when popped automatically reduce the user’s life total. In each round, players are trying to burst as many balloons as possible to prevent them from slipping by through the top of the screen and in to the atmosphere. If a Balloon squeaks by the game is automatically over and users will have to restart their quest for the highest score all over again.

For a first release Yellow Fox Studios has shown some exceptional potential with Bursty. The graphics are clean and crisp, with special detail attached to the transparency effect on the balloons and of course my favourite piece – the epic skull and crossbones on the death balloons. Even at the higher levels the balloon animation is flawless and smooth. In regards to game play, Bursty plays like a seasoned pro. There is no major stuttering and more importantly, users aren’t left feeling robbed that they swore they popped a balloon that wasn’t registered. Overall it’s a pretty flawless port.

So if you’re a fan of such games as Doodle Jump or Fruit Ninja, make sure you take a run at Bursty. You definitely won’t be disappointed.