If you’re like me, you probably thought the travel industry was a bit of a bore. In particular, being a travel agent can’t be that exciting. But with Big Stack Studio’s latest release Jet Set Go!, your preconceived notions of this somewhat mundane occupation are about to be shattered.

As mentioned, Jet Set Go! Is the latest release from local power house developers Big Stack Studios. The game leverages the incredibly popular time management formula of 2010’s smash hit Sally Spa. (The studio also contains many of the creative minds behind that huge hit) But instead of a Spa, users are thrust into the role of an upstart travel agent.

You start fairly simple, with a small quaint office in Montreal and from there you attempt to expand your travel agent empire into other larger metropolitan centers. All the while providing customers with the quickest and most enjoyable experience.

In each city, users work the agency floor, ushering in each new customer and walking them through the decision making process of choosing their dream vacation. Users then try to earn as much money as possible to upgrade the store’s decor and to fill up flights to a large selection of vacation spots. When your flight is full, users get to tag along to such exotic locations as Niagara falls and the Galapagos islands. But there is no R n’ R on these flights. To ensure your customers receive the best experience money can buy, users embark on a variety of entertaining mini games.

It would be a lie to say that I was even remotely familiar with the Sally Spa time management phenomena. Personally, these types of games aren’t my cup of tea, but I now understand why these are such a huge hit. It also helps that with Big Stack’s pedigree, Jet Set Go! is as perfect as a game as they come. It has the unique advantage of not being repetitive and enough mystery to keep you hooked. The main game elements are never overdone and the mini games are perfectly timed. You’ll never be stuck playing the same element for hours at a time just to achieve the next level.

Graphics wise Jet Set Go! is a real treat of a game. The colour palette is bright and engaging, with exuberant character crafted with fine detail. The controls are intuitive and the learning curve is minimal. In honesty, in the hands of a less capable outfit, Jet Set Go! would be a complicated mess, but instead it’s a treasure of a game.

As mentioned, this type of game isn’t typically my cup of tea, but Jet Set Go! executes so many elements perfectly that it’s impossible to find a single flaw. The graphics are beautiful and incredible smooth. Game play is executed to an absolute tee, with just enough difficulty and the perfect balance between the mini-games and main game to keep you coming back. While i could go on and on about the game’s various elements, I’ll instead leave it my 14 year old niece’s opinion. Who after playing it for an hour straight, just looked up and said, “I’ve gotta have that game.”

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