Infinity Control is the first official iPhone release from local Calgary developer Renegade Citizen. Similar in format to such popular apps as Airport Mania or the behemoth of the iTunes store Flight Control, Infinity Control is a time management app with an intergalactic twist.

As mentioned, Infinity Control is similar to the time management aspects of popular apps like Airport Mania and Flight Control, where you navigate a disjointed squadron of spacecraft to the safety of their Battlestar Galactic-esque homes. And if you’ve already mastered the kings of the plane (ship) management genre, you’ll want to pick up Infinity Control, because this baby is a challenge.

Yes, the game sounds simple, but I consider myself a pretty solid master of the genre and I’ve yet to complete the first world. There’s no wussy learning introduction with Infinity Control, instead you’re thrust straight into the action – frantically navigating your battalion of ships without crashing them into each other or the endless waves of space debris. The gameplay is simple and intuitive, but the challenge is the real beauty of this app.

One of the other fantastic aspects of Infinity Control is the lush graphics and vibrant sounds track. Painted with a bright colour palette and a Flash Gordon-esque aesthetic, Infinity Control is as beautiful as it is difficult. The soundtrack is also top notch, which is a nice rarity for a first release.

And while, I could go on and on about the impressive nature of Renegade Citizen’s first app. Highlighting the addictive gameplay, beautiful art work and a lush soundtrack – the real story behind this release comes from the incredible story of Rob McCredy (the brains behind Renegade Citizen) and the story of achievement and overcoming the impossible that comes with this release. If you have a moment read about the Renegade Citizen history and (for those developly inclinded) this interesting article on the difficulties of coding with his condition.

So congratulations Renegade Citizen on the first release, I’m looking forward to the next of what I hope is many great games.