The second release from Random Type is based on the simple yet addictive puzzle slides concept, but with a LolCatz spin.

Yes, I sayz LOLcatz.

LOL Cat Slidez

Those same LolCatz, which seam to encompass every situation know to the Internetz, LOLCatz I Can Has A Puzzler?are now featured in an addictive version classic puzzle game format we’ve all grown-up with.

Featuring an inviting interface and a comical navigation, users are given the task of unraveling 21 classic LOLCATZ images in the least amount of moves. Yes, the concept may seam simple, but this app is anything but. The puzzles are incredibly difficult and require a high level of planning and problem solving skills. I’ve spent countless hours of commuting waging through the first five levels. My overriding conclusion is that no matter how old I get, I won’t ever be able to have the patience to ever master these types of puzzles.

So don’t let the simple concept fool you, Puzzle Slides LOLcatz edition is as challenging of a puzzler as you will find out there.

Puzzle Slidez - LOLCat Edition - RANDOMTYPE