It’s been quite the week for Last week, we had a great conversation with CBC’s The Homestrech on the growing iPhone Development community and the project. And last night, with our friends from Tapforms and Broken Kings were featured on GlobalTV’s Business Matters feature.

(If you scroll to the 25:33 mark of the video below, you’ll see our little segement)

It’s been quite the whirlwind couple of days and we just want to thank all of our new visitors and friends. We hope you get some time to explore the site and see what’s being developed in this great city. For those looking to develope their own little project, please have a look at our developers page and get in touch with some of the great talent in the city.

We would also love to send a big thank you to Calgary’s CoWorkyyc space for allowing us to use their fantastic space for the interview with Tony Tighe. We were talking to the owners Jeff and Quinten and if there are a few developers looking to branch out outside of their own homes, Coworkyyc is probably one of the best locations in the city to do that.

Please check them out if you’ve got a chance.