One of the most common apps to be found on the iTunes store is the every popular local transit app. In most cases, these apps are done by independent developers looking for ways to help improve their local commute or hashed together by the reigning transit authority in attempt to help ease commuter dissatisfaction. Rarely do these apps couple elegant design and a usable product. That is until the release of Medium Rare’s Next Stop app.

Produced in partnership with Calgary Transit
, Next Stop sets the bar high for transit app design and user experience. Using the city of Calgary’s already established 4-digit bus stop code system, Next Stop pulls accurate information on route times and arrivals. It also pulls update information directly from the Calgary Transit system, ensuring users with the most accurate information available.

And while accurate information is always one of the key elements of these types of apps, the real beauty of the app comes within it’s design and development. Elegantly designed using a modern colour palette and intuitive navigation system, the Next Stop app is a real pleasure to behold. Information is easy to find and the added benefit of the favorites tab allows users to save their most commonly used stop numbers.

With rumors of add features coming in the next few months, the Next App is definitely an app to add to your collection.