As per Murphy’s Law, coming up with a truly great url will only come in two possible instances: at a bar or on the toilet.

Truthfully, neither is an ideal situation to jot down a quick note. Also according to Murphy’s Law, the only time you’ll forget to renew a url you already own is when you really, really need it.

myDomains by A New Qualtiy and RandomType aims to boil down the process of finding and protecting your precious domains to a dead-simple exercise. Entering in a potential URL gives you just the information you need right away: whether it has been taken and (if it has) when it is up for renewal.

It also lets you keep track of the domains you already own. This may seem like a simple task, but repercussions could be extreme if a client spends several years building up a brand only to find out his domain was swiped because some absent minded fool (that would be you) forgot to renew it. Once you begin juggling 3 or more accounts, things can get very busy and often it’s the simplest things that end up falling through the cracks. When it comes to internet business, domains are more than a little important so let’s show them some respect and have a system to keep them organized.

The interface is extremely basic to allow for the user to get down to business. There’s no unnecessary elements or graphical fluff here, just an area to keep your personal domains and an area to keep a tab on the domains you may be interested in acquiring.

myDomains is a simple app and it achieves what all good simple apps should; it does a small number of tasks very well. This is one of those apps that you almost need to get burned first to appreciate. Forgetting a brilliant url or worse, having a brilliant url and losing it could make or break you in the web world. For the paltry sum of $0.99 you can ensure your ideas and domains have a safe place to stay.