As the infamous commercial goes, there is apparently an app for everything.

Yes, we know there are apps that act as lighters, allow you to track your friends social outings and even organize your life. But is there an app for the street savvy Fashionista in all of us? If you ask Fresh Concept Labs, they’d probably say yes and then subsequently send you a link to their new app Stylmee.

As described on the official site, Stylmee is the new social fashion network app for iPhone, iPod touch & Facebook (coming soon) that allows members to “play” in the world of fashion. The app itself, while somewhat confusing at first, immerses the user in every aspect of the Fashion world, in turn becoming a nice little pocket guide to the fashion industry. Featuring a wide selection of the hottest brands (such as Ben Sherman, Rock N’ Republic to 7 Brands Jeans) with links to their online catalogs, latest items and even a nearest retail outlet finder, the app is a handy tool for the urban trendsetters.

But one of the interesting aspects of Stylmee is the in-development and potentially powerful social aspects of the app. When tied to your Facebook account, Stylmee lets you create your own online Fashion store to share your favorite styles with all your friends and fellow Fashionistas.

And while there are a few little quirks with the interface, there is a wealth of potential with this app and the growing Facebook integration.