If you’ve been keeping a casual eye on the Calgary iPhone Development community over the past two years, chances are The Karo Group’s The Flap Jack Finder was your first introduction to a locally developed and calgary-centric iPhone application.

I know for me, it was the first hint that there was a iPhone development community brewing in my own back yard.

Launched last year to a tremendous amount of support and success, the Flap Jack Finder is a simple iPhone app designed in parallel with www.flapjackfinder.com to help Calgarians find the best Stampede Breakfasts. If you’re not from Calgary, you probably won’t understand the significance of the Stampede Breakfast mentality. But for 10 crazy days in July, hundreds of Stampede Breakfasts pop-up in our fair city with companies and organizations serving up doughy pancakes, crispy bacon and some times intoxicating OJ to the masses. With that many events crammed into such a small amount of time, it can be almost impossible to keep track of all the Breakfasts.

So cue-up The Flap Jack Finder.

In it’s first year The Flap Jack Finder was downloaded over a 1,000 time by hungry Calgarians and in the past few weeks the 2010 edition looks to equal that same goal. And while the interface and branding elements are stunning and crisp, the real beauty of the Flap Jack Finder is revealed in the amount of information contained in this tiny little app – making it a must have for any Urban cowboy or cowgirl.

But the real success with the Flap Jack Finder, is not in the application itself, but rather in it’s showcase – as a prime example of the audience for a locally-centric apps. With dozens of festivals and events in Calgary, The Flapjack Finder revealed to the city and the development community that there is an audience for types of applications. Now as we reach the mid-way point of 2010 we’re seeing a variety of similar apps from organizations. Such as The Official Stampede App and The Calgary Fringe Fest app. It’s only a matter of time before other popular events like Sled Island, The CIFF and The Folk Fest jump on board.

So what are you waiting for? There’s still a slew of doughy pancake goodness to be consumed… Download the Flap Jack Finder now.