Without question, one of the universal benefits of Facebook is the friendly reminder when a friend or family member’s birthday approaches. For many, this is the basis for why we find Facebook so beneficial. But with the growing backlash against Facebook’s privacy issues and the growing number of users abandoning the service, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an independent tool for the iPhone which could help you remember this important task?

Cue Chrome Dome Software’s Birthdays App.

Birthdays is a simple app which allows users to catalog the birthday information for all of their close and intimate contacts. It works in a similar method to Facebook’s birthday reminders except you have the added benefit of seeing upcoming birthdays months in advance and to be notified of upcoming non-facebook contacts to your list.

But the Birthday App is more than just a simple reminder app, it also has the added bonus of allowing you to quickly connect with your contact on their special day. As the web site describes:

On the day of their birthday, you can quickly send your friend birthday wishes via email or an SMS. For an even more personal touch, you can quickly tap on any of their phone numbers to call to wish them a happy birthday, or get information about an upcoming party.

So, if you are the person who is inevitably sending out a belated birthday messages or apologetic someecards links two days after the fact, Chrome Dome’s Birthday App could be the answer for your worries.