Fresh off the heals of the Calgary Comicbook Expo is a new app for all levels of comic enthusiasts from The Comic Book Bin.

The Comic Book Bin AppFor those unfamiliar with The Comic Book Bin, it is a Calgary based online mecca for everything comic related.

Started up in 2002 by local entrepreneur Hervé St-Louis, the Comic Book Bin is a self proclaimed independent site where respectful and well-researched discourse on comic books is promoted, free of petty feuds, personal attacks, gossips and industry chit chat – Essentially if you’re a comic book fan, this is your online home.

Early this month, The Comic Book Bin made a massive splash in the online world with the release of their new iPhone App. The Comic Book Bin App is essentially a massive mobile information hub which allows users to find local comic book stores, the closest comic book expo and search the Comic Book Bin’s impressive catalog of comic book reviews and editorials.

One of the beauties of the Comic Book Bin App is the interface. It’s quite mind blowing the amount of information stored within this tiny little app. But the developers of the Comic Book Bin have done a great job utilizing the iPhone’s portrait and landscape views, to allow the user to tailor the search results interface for their own benefits. Users can either browse through a long list of results in portrait mode or if they switch to the landscape mode, they can flick through a carousel of thumbnail images of their query. Either way, it’s a great design feature and one that makes the overall experience that much better. (You can see the interface at work below)

Another neat benefit of the Comic Book Bin App is the simple Find Me a Comic Book Store. So if you’re ever transplanted into a foreign city or in a desperate need of a comic book hit, simply let the Comic Book Bin’s grab your location and you’ll be given a list of about 15-20 stores.

So if you’re accustomed to dreaming about convention girls in Princess Leia bikinis arguing about which Spiderman outfit was the best or even if your like me, an 30-year old fossil that wants to get back into Comics, then The Comic Book Bin is an app that you’ll want to add to your collection. It’s a free app, so download it and give it a whirl.