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January 12th, 2011 | Connor Turner

It’s been quite the week for yycapps.com. Last week, we had a great conversation with CBC’s The Homestrech on the growing iPhone Development community and the yycapps.com project. And last night yycapps.com, with our friends from Tapforms and Broken Kings were featured on GlobalTV’s Business Matters feature.

(If you scroll to the 25:33 mark of the video below, you’ll see our little segement)

It’s been quite the whirlwind couple of days and we just want to thank all of our new visitors and friends. We hope you get some time to explore the site and see what’s being developed in this great city. For those looking to develope their own little project, please have a look at our developers page and get in touch with some of the great talent in the city.

We would also love to send a big thank you to Calgary’s CoWorkyyc space for allowing us to use their fantastic space for the interview with Tony Tighe. We were talking to the owners Jeff and Quinten and if there are a few developers looking to branch out outside of their own homes, Coworkyyc is probably one of the best locations in the city to do that.

Please check them out if you’ve got a chance.

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WiTEC’s Mobile Application Developer’s Forum
January 6th, 2011 | Connor Turner

Well, it looks like the Mobile Development community in our fair city continues to grow.

On Wednesday January 19th, (from 1:00pm-5:00pm) WiTech Alberta is graciously holding an afternoon forum for mobile application developers in Calgary. Best of all, WiTec Alberta is not only providing a great list of speakers, but also free food and drink!

What more could a developer ask for? A free afternoon of great networking opportunities, a riveting list of presenters and free food – this is a great win-win. read more


yycapps.com on The Homestrech
January 5th, 2011 | Connor Turner

Yesterday, was an incredibly exciting afternoon for the yycapps project. Some of you may have caught it, others may have missed it in the hustle and bustle of trying to get home, but the yycapps web site was a featured segment on CBC Calgary’s The Homestrech.

It was a great six minute conversation, where we discussed the state of the iPhone Development Community in our fair city and where it is going in the future – ultimately shedding the light on some of the great apps being released. read more


Next Stop: Calgary Transit Elegantly Displayed in the Palm of Your Hand
December 29th, 2010 | Connor Turner

One of the most common apps to be found on the iTunes store is the every popular local transit app. In most cases, these apps are done by independent developers looking for ways to help improve their local commute or hashed together by the reigning transit authority in attempt to help ease commuter dissatisfaction. Rarely do these apps couple elegant design and a usable product. That is until the release of Medium Rare’s Next Stop app.

Produced in partnership with Calgary Transit
, Next Stop sets the bar high for transit app design and user experience. Using the city of Calgary’s already established 4-digit bus stop code system, Next Stop pulls accurate information on route times and arrivals. It also pulls update information directly from the Calgary Transit system, ensuring users with the most accurate information available.

And while accurate information is always one of the key elements of these types of apps, the real beauty of the app comes within it’s design and development. Elegantly designed using a modern colour palette and intuitive navigation system, the Next Stop app is a real pleasure to behold. Information is easy to find and the added benefit of the favorites tab allows users to save their most commonly used stop numbers. read more


Calgary iPhone Dev Camp 4
November 18th, 2010 | Connor Turner

It must be that time again. Time to clear the calendars for another Calgary iPhone Dev Camp this Saturday (November 20th, 2010).

Building off the success of the previous three iPhone Dev Camps, Robots & Pencils is back at it again with another great weekend of iPhone Development Goodness. With the usual App Track and Conference Track, there is sure to be something for every level of developer or member of the iPhone Development community. read more

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Furious Tactics: A Window into The Development Process
November 15th, 2010 | Connor Turner

Does anyone feel like it is the inevitable calm before the storm. It’s been a pretty quiet few months on the new app front, but from the grapevine it seems like there is going to be a wave of new apps from Calgary iPhone Developers on the horizon.

One of the most exciting apps we’ve heard about is from Stephen Gazzard’s Broken Kings with the new turn-based tactical game Furious Tactics. If you’re already a fan of their page, you will have seen the graphical progress of this exciting new game. If not, have a look at some of the preview screen shots and make sure you become a fan of the Broken Kings on Facebook.

read more

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